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This journal is dead and empty (at least, private and never being touched again). I'm five_ht now. Add the new one if you haven't already, dudes.
CAPSLOCK, a perfect circle, alanis morissette, anderson cooper, androgyny, angelina jolie, ani difranco, asia argento, assassin's creed, astronomy, avengers, beat material, belinda stronach, bill hicks, biopsychology, bioshock, blackadder, brane theory, brian/justin, bright eyes, brokeback mountain, canadian history, canadian politics, candles, captain america, chase, chris evans, cnn, coffee, cougar/jensen, creedence clearwater revival, crysis, cunt, daken, daniel johns, dazed and confused, delta state, dexter, eric fucking foreman, family guy, fanfiction, fear and loathing, feminism, fight club, foreman, foreman/chase, foreman/house, george carlin, gilmore girls, gnarls barkley, god of war, guitar hero, harry potter, history, house md, house/chase, hugh laurie, inception, iron man, jesse spencer, johnny depp, joseph gordon-levitt, legolas/aragorn, lord of the rings, martha wainwright, mass effect, matthew good, metroid, minette walters, modest mouse, monty python, neuroscience, nightcrawler, nightmare before christmas, nintendo 64, nintendo ds, nip/tuck, not taking fandom seriously, oblivion, omar epps, perfect dark, pierre elliot trudeau, pirates of the caribbean, pj harvey, placebo, politics, pretty boys, ps3, psychology, qi, queer as folk, rabbit town, reading, rick mercer, rilo kiley, robert rutherford chase, sara and kamilla, seinfeld, silverchair, sim city, simon and garfunkel, slash, smashed badgers, socialism, starcraft, steve rogers, steve/tony, super nintendo, sweeney todd, the beatles, the doors, the faint, the losers, the matthew good band, the rick mercer report, the sims, the white stripes, theatre, tim burton, tom hardy, tony stark, tool, trainspotting, velvet goldmine, wii, wolverine, words, writing, x-men, xbox, zelda